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Navigation Bar

The navigation bar, sometimes referred to as the navbar, is the primary way you will navigate through REV23 Desktop. By default, it appears on the left hand side of the Main Window. However, it can be moved or even hidden if you prefer.

Navigation Groups are containers for Navigation Items. They appear at the bottom of the Navigation Bar. By clicking a Navigation Group, the top portion of the Navigation Bar will populate with Navigation Items that belong to that group. For instance, clicking the Configuration navigation group will display the navigation items used to configureREV23 Desktop.

Navigation Items are links to different screens in the Main Window. When you click on a navigation item, the main window’s content will change to that item’s view. Clicking the Customers navigation item, located in the Home navigation group will take you to the Customer List View.

Change the height of the group list

You can change the height of the group list to reduce how many groups are being shown if you have a smaller screen. To do this grab the splitter bar (the horizontal bar that separates the navigation groups and navigation items), and click and drag it down. As you move the mouse down, fewer groups will be shown. You can then access these groups from the bottom pane of the navbar. To show them again click and drag the splitter bar back up. You can also use the arrow button in the bottom right hand corner of the navbar to customize which groups are visible.

Hiding the Navigation bar

To save even more space on smaller screens, the Navigation Bar can be closed completely, or set to auto hide. It’s also not uncommon for users to accidentally close the navbar and not understand what happened and call support.

There are two buttons on the top of the navbar. Auto Hide (the pushpin) and hide (the close or X button).

If you choose to Auto Hide the navbar, a small tab that says Navigation will appear on the left hand side of your main window where the navigation bar typically resides. When you hover your mouse over this tab, the navbar will slide into view allowing you to select an item and then close again. To dock the navbar back in its original position you will need to click the pushpin button again and the navbar will return.

If you choose to Close the navbar (not recommended, but it’s your UI!) the navigation bar will not appear at all. To navigate REV23 Desktop you will use the Navigation item in the View tab. You can click this button to drop down a menu which will allow you access to the navigation items.

Showing the Navigation Bar after it’s been hidden

Whether you’ve closed the navbar on purpose or on accident you can restore it by going to the View tab in the ribbon, clicking the Panels item, select the Navigation panel, and set it to Visible.

Additional navigation techniques

Much like a web browser, you can navigate backwards and forward in your navigation history. You can use the ‘Back’ and ‘Forward’ actions in the Main Window to navigate your history. You can also click the drop down arrow to show a popup menu with a list of your history items that you can select from.