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System Message

System Messages provide insights into the health of your REV23 Desktop system. Most commonly you’ll see errors related to authentication and password errors such as your SMTP server failing to send messages from the Virtual Receptionist due to a password change.

The System Messages navigation bar item appears in the Home navbar group and appears only for certain managerial roles.

System Messages that appear bold are considered unread. Once you acknowledge the message, you should mark it as being read manually by using the Mark as Read action, you should then go correct the error.

The number of unread system messages will appear next to the System Message item in the navigation bar.


Record Edit

Mark as Read: Mark the selected system message(s) as read, meaning you have acknowledged them and attempted to correct the action.

Mark as Unread: Mark the selected system message(s) as unread, meaning you have not yet acknowledged them or want to flag them as a reminder to correct later.