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Walk-outs are records of lost potential customers. If someone comes into your studio and leaves without scheduling an appointment or getting tattooed/pierced, you should create a walk-out to record this happened and eventually see trends to help you improve.

Create a walk-out

  1. From the Quick Action toolbar, or the Tools tab on the Ribbon, click the Record Walk-out action.
  2. Select a Reason and click OK. > You can add additional Walk-out Reasons using the New action in the lookup list view, or by navigating to Configuration > Walk-out Reasons.

How and why to analyze walk-out data

You can view walk-out data in Reports or Dashboards. After recording walk-outs for a long enough period of time you may start to see trends. For example, you may see that a lot of people attempt to come in for walk-ins on Thursday evenings but there are no available artists at that time. By understanding this valuable data, you can make the appropriate change to your studio, perhaps by having one or two walk-in artists on those afternoons.