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Today Dashboard

The Today Dashboard is designed to keep users focused on what is happening in the studio right now and what is coming up next.

The Today Dashboard is the default view when opening REV23 Desktop.


The agenda view shows scheduled appointments for the current day. Once an appointment has been started using the Start Service action, it will be removed from the Agenda.


The queue shows current items in the walk-in queue. You can quickly add a new walk-in using the New Walk-In (Queued) action. From the queue you can Page the customer by sending them a text message, or remove them from the queue if they changed their mind or did not return.


The services list shows services that are currently in progress or have completed for the day.


Appointments:: Opens the appointment scheduler in a separate window. You can close and open the scheduler as needed, or leave it open for the duration of the day.

New Walk-in: Creates a new Service record.

New Walk-in (Queued): Creates a new Walk-in Queue record.

New Sale: Starts a new sale. Generally used if you’re just selling some retail as you will generally use the Sale action on a service when adding a service to a sale.

REV23 News: Displays news from REV23. If lit up, there are news items you have not yet. Once news items have been read, this appears dimmed.

If Appointments and Walk-in Queue features are disabled in Configuration: My Studio: Options, the Today dashboard is hidden. In this case you would just use the Service list view.