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Sales & Invoices

Sales & Invoices provide the point of sale (POS) functionality of REV23 Desktop. This is where you take payments for tattoos, piercings, retail, gift cards, etc…

In REV23 Desktop, a sale and an invoice is really the same thing with the only difference between them is the terminology for how they’re used. You don’t need to do anything special in REV23 Desktop to create a sale versus an invoice. We will mostly use the term Invoice in this user guide, but, there are two names for a reason, which we’ll explain.


A sale in REV23 Desktop is considered anything that is paid for in full at the time of purchase. A tattoo, aftercare, jewelry, a gift card, a t-shirt, etc…


An invoice can do all the same things a sale can, the difference in terminology is that an invoice can have a balance that the customer pays down over time. For example, large tattoo pieces broken up between sessions. You can create a single service record with the full amount, and invoice it. Each session, you can reopen the invoice and take a payment. This also works well for jewelry special orders. If you require a down payment on the special order you can take it, and leave the invoice open. When the jewelry arrives, take the remaining payment.

Creating or editing an invoice

For your convenience, there are three different ways to create a sale/invoice.

Create with New Action from Main Window

You can create an invoice directly from the New button in the list view or file menu on the Ribbon.

Create from Service

From the Service Detail View, use the Invoice action to create a new invoice if one doesn’t exist and at the service to it, or open the existing invoice which the service was added to.

Create from Customer

From the Customer List View or Detail View, use the New Sale action to create a new invoice for the selected customer.