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Credit Cards

This topic focuses only on credit card payments processed through CardConnect. For information on non-integrated credit card payments, see the Payments topic.

Set up

See Configuration: Credit Cards.


Taking a credit card payment

A payment using your CardConnect terminal can be initiated in a few ways:

From a sale

Click the Take Payment action. When prompted for the payment type, click the Credit Card tile.

From the Payment Detail View

When taking a payment by clicking the New action, there will be a P2PE Device button on the Payment Type editor. Click it to initiate a new transaction using the CardConnect terminal.

From the Deposit/Credit Detail View

Same as Payment Detail View.

Read Card Method

Before initializing the terminal, you will be prompted for the Read Card Method, click the appropriate tile.

  • Insert/Swipe/Tap: Use this to read a card using the terminal, or NFC payment such as ApplePay.

  • Manual: Type in the card number. You will also be prompted to type in the expiration date, security code and postal code.

  • Reference: Download a previously recorded transaction using the CardConnect reference number.


The terminal can prompt the customer to enter a tip for the eligible sales people on a sale.

To configure tipping behavior:

  1. Navigate to Configuration > My Studio.
  2. Click the Options tab.
  3. Click the Sales & Payments tab.


You can optionally include an added surcharge to your card payments, up to a max of 4%. When a surcharge is added, the terminal will prompt the customer to agree to the surcharge, then show them final amount. Surcharges are also applied to tips.

This interaction appears like this:

  • Confirm $100.00.
  • Agree to 2% surcharge?
  • Confirm new total of $102.00.

To configure the surcharge:

  1. Navigate to Configuration > My Studio.
  2. Click the Options tab.
  3. Click the Sales & Payments tab.
  4. Set the Surcharge property.

Each state has their own rules on whether surcharges are allowed and up to what percentage. Please check the rules in your state before configuring a surcharge to prevent fines or termination of service.

Refunding a credit card payment

Managing transactions on CardPointe

You can log onto to manage your account as well as see reports and manage transactions.

Hosted Payment Page

CardConnect can set up a Hosted Payment Page for your to accept payments from a website for things such as online deposits.

These transactions can be entered into REV23 Desktop by clicking the Reference tile when taking a new payment and entering the transaction number.