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Main (Server) Installer

The main (server) installer is the main setup package for REV23 Desktop. This setup package is required to be on exactly one PC. Not zero, not two. One. You need to designate one PC in your studio (or outside of your studio)that will host the server installation. If you only have one computer that choice is easy. If you have multiple PCs in your studio it is recommended you choose the one that has the best performance. Once you have selected this PC as your server REV23 Desktop system, you will need to continue using this setup package on that PC for all future updates. In addition to installing the REV23 Desktop software, the server installer also installs Microsoft SQL Server Express, a free database engine provided by Microsoft. SQL Server is required by REV23 Desktop to connect to the database. The first time you install the server installer it may take up to 20 minutes or more as it installs Microsoft SQL Server. Future installs will not take as long as this is a one time only process. Finally, this package also installs the REV23 Desktop Control Panel, and the behind the scenes services that power the Virtual Receptionist, Third Party Integrations, and automated Database Backups.