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Date/Time: The date and time the deposit/credit was created.

Customer: The customer that the deposit/credit was created for.

Employee: The user the deposit is intended for (who will be paid if the deposit is forfeit). This field is required for deposits only.

Type: The type of the Deposit/Credit Object. It’s value will be either Deposit, In-Store Credit, or Reward Credit. This field cannot be edited.

Amount: The original amount of this deposit/credit. Do not edit this amount to alter the balance. Its balance should only be altered via its history.

Memo: An optional text field for a description of this deposit/credit and why it was created.

Created By: The user who created the deposit/credit.

Expiration Date: The date this deposit/credit is no longer valid. Once this date has elapsed, regardless of the history, its available balance will be calculated as zero.

Available Balance: The available balance is calculated based on the history of the deposit/credit. See history for more information.

Redeemable at any connected studio: For multiple studios only, if checked, the customer can redeem this deposit/credit at any of the studios. Otherwise, it will only be redeemable at the studio it was originally created in.


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