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Points allow you to reward your customers with cash for spending in your studio.


A customer is issued points for each dollar they spend. Most commonly, for every dollar spent, they will earn one point, though you can override this per item or service type to issue a specific amount of points for these items.

When enough points have been earned to redeem a credit, they will be cashed out and new reward credit will be added to the customer’s profile to be used just like a normal deposit or credit.

Set up

  1. Navigate to Configuration > My Studio.
  2. Click the Options tab.
  3. Click the Rewards tab.
  4. Check the Enable Points checkbox to turn on points.
  5. Set a Point Conversion Rate. This is the value of a single point in relation to one dollar. For example, 5% is equal to $0.05.
  6. Set the Auto Redeem Points Threshold. This is the dollar amount when a customer has earned enough points to be cashed in for a reward credit. For example, once the customer has enough points to issue $5.00 that’s the point in which the points will cash out and convert to a credit.

A calculated property, Points Required To Redeem will display showing you how many points a customer will need to earn before the credit can be issued.


Point Conversion Rate Auto Redeem Points Threshold Points Required Description
5% $5.00 100 When the client spends $100, they will earn $5.00 in credits.

Point Types & Overriding Points

While the most common scenario is for a customer to earn one point for every one dollar spent (point type of Subtotal), you can customize this to fit your needs or run promotions, such as double points day (Subtotal multiple of two).

Each Service Type and Inventory Item can override points for that item. For example, if you want a particular gold piece to earn double points, you can set that on the item individually.

Configuration: My Studio: Point Options