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Quick Start Vol. 2: Beyond the Quick Start

In the Quick Start, which we’ll refer to as Volume 1, we followed Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy and Catwoman as they dove into learning how to use REV23 Desktop for their new shop, Gotham City Tattoo & Piercing. We worked through the basics of the software, got some things set up and are using it on a daily basis now.

In Volume 2, we’ll dive into some other techniques that you can explore in the software, using the work we’ve done in Volume 1 as the foundation. This time, we will get into some configuration changes and some other areas ofREV23 Desktop, to really help dial in the girl’s settings and workflow.

If you haven’t read through Volume 1, it is recommended that you do so first, as much of the narrative in this section won’t make much sense without having explored the original Quick Start, and we build on concepts and configuration already established in that section. Additionally, some topics in this section are more advanced, or simply require a basic working knowledge of REV23 Desktop as we may skip some of the more basic explanation of each step, expecting that you’ve already mastered these skills.

Unlike Volume 1, which required you to follow each topic in chronological order, the topics that follow in Volume 2 are independent of each other, and do not require having gone through other Volume 2 topics in order, or at all, so you can pick and choose any topic you’re interested in.