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The Administrator user is a built-in user account in REV23 Desktop that provides unrestricted access to the software. The Administrator user can access all areas of REV23 Desktop, as well as modify and delete any record. As such, we recommend that you keep your usage of the Administrator user very limited. Yes, you’re the business owner, you want the power, but in this case, there is too much power and you can make things go very bad, very fast using this account. It is instead recommended that you use a separate account for not just all of your employees, but for yourself as well which should assigned to the Manager role, which still has a good amount of power, but restricts things that might otherwise accidentally cause problems and/or data loss. Such an account is actually created for you when you first install REV23 Desktop.

You should set a strong Administrator user password and not share it with your other employees. In the event of a support issue, REV23 support has a special Support User account which we can access. We do not need to know the Administrator password, so no one in your shop, aside from you should know it.

When you first install REV23 Desktop, there are two accounts that are created. The Administrator, which is where you will do a good amount of your initial configuration and an account for you, the person that setup the software that is in the Manager role.The bad habit you want to avoid is having the Administrator user constantly logged in and used for daily activities such as scheduling appointments, creating services and sales, etc…

Changing the Administrator Password

If you want to change your Administrator user password, you can log on to REV23 Desktop as the Administrator. Go to the My Details navigation item and click the Change My Password action in the ribbon.

Resetting the Administrator Password

If you forget the Administrator user password you can reset it in the REV23 Desktop Control Panel.