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Waiting List

The waiting list allows you to maintain a list of clients waiting to be tattooed in your studio if an opening from a cancellation occurs.

Add a customer to the waiting list.

Locate the customer and use the Add To Waiting List action.

Removing a customer from the waiting list.

By default, a customer will be removed from the waiting list after their next service. If you want to ensure they stay on the waiting list for multiple sessions, check the Leave on waiting list after next service checkbox when adding the customer to the waiting list.

If this checkbox is checked, you will need to remove them manually by deleting the Waiting List record.

Analyze the Waiting List

  1. If an artist unexpectedly has an opening, open the waiting list by navigating to Home > Waiting List.
  2. Locate the artist group and expand it.
  3. Using the available data, you can make an informed decision on who to call. For example, if one of the customers on the waiting list already has an appointment scheduled soon or was tattooed recently, it may make more sense to bring in a higher priority new customer first.