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Reports can be generated to allow you to easily visualize key business information in a single document that is suitable for printing or exporting. There are two different types of reports in REV23 Desktop.

Standard Reports

Standard Reports are reports that you will run from the Reports List View. The Employee Payout report is an example of a standard report.

In-place Reports

In-place reports are not generally not meant to be run by the user, but will be generated at various points in the workflow for a specific object. The invoice receipt, credit card authorization receipt and deposit/credit receipt are all examples of in-place reports. Additionally, where an in-place report exists for a particular object type, you will see the Show In Report action which will allow you to generate a report for the selected object.

Reports (Legacy)

Reports that have yet to be upgraded to our current version of reporting, including old custom reports, will be found in the Reports (Legacy) navbar item. If no legacy reports exist, this item will not be visible.

Report Designer

The Report Designer allows you to create and edit reports in REV23 Desktop. In fact, all reports that are distributed with REV23 Desktop are created with this very tool, so all of the power of our reports are at your finger tips.

Creating and editing reports in the report designer is outside of the scope of these docs. If you would like assistance creating or modifying reports, you can contact REV23 support and we’ll be happy to help.

Report Actions

Records Creation Actions

Import Reports: You can import reports that were delivered to you by REV23 to add them to your system without the need for a new version of REV23 Desktop.

View Actions

Show Report Designer: Opens the Report Designer to edit the selected report.

Execute Report: Executes or runs the selected report. This is the same as double clicking the report in the report list view.