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Cash Drawer

Device Driver

No device driver is necessary for the cash drawer for use in REV23 Desktop. You must however, have properly installed your Receipt Printer and have the cash drawer interface cable connected from the cash drawer to the printer and ensure that the Cash Drawer Open Code is correct for the model of your receipt printer.

In Device Options, ensure that Use Cash Drawer is checked, and select the Receipt Printer you’ve installed for the Cash Drawer Printer.

USB Cash Drawers are not supported.

Cash Drawer Open Code

Depending on the cable that has shipped with your cash drawer/receipt printer, you may need make an adjustment to the Cash Drawer Open Code setting in Device Options.

Over the years, REV23 has shipped multiple models of cash drawer cables. You should find a small white sticker on the cable indicating the APG KIT#. Find your matching number below and use the appropriate code.

The numbers below are for the EPSON T88V receipt printer. If you have a different printer, you’ll need to contact the manufacturer.

Style Model Code
2 Pin (Default) CD-101A & CD-005A 27, 112, 48, 55, 121
5 Pin CD-009A 27, 112, 49, 55, 121