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Vendors represent the businesses you purchase your inventory items from. A vendor can be associated with an inventory item where you’ll specify your cost for the item when purchasing from them.


Name: The vendor’s business name.

Contact Name: Your primary contact’s name if applicable.

Web Site: The vendor’s website.

Email: The vendor’s email address.

Account Number: Your account number with this vendor.

Account Opened: The date you established your account with this vendor.


Street: The vendor’s street address.

City: The vendor’s city.

State/Province: The vendor’s state/province.

Zip/Postal: The vendor’s zip/postal code.

Country: The vendor’s country.

Phone Numbers

Business: The vendor’s primary business phone number.

Business 2: The vendor’s secondary business phone number.

Business Fax: The vendor’s fax number.

Inventory Items: A list of of this vendor’s Vendor Inventory Items.

Notes: Notes that have been added for this vendor.

Connected studio behavior

Vendors are location aware. You can connect vendors from other studio’s to the current studio using the Connect Vendors action in the tools tab of the vendor list view.