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Signature Pad

This topic discusses download and installation instructions of Signature Pads. For usage please see Signature Capture.

Wacom STU-530 & STU-540

Wacom STU Tablet Driver

The Wacom STU requires no device drivers or additional setup in REV23 Desktop. If you’re using Windows 7 or 10, it is recommended you download and install the proper driver to enhance the display speed of the device.

Wacom STU Display (Slideshow)

The Wacom STU Display application is an optional download that allows you to run a slideshow of images on the STU Tablet while not in signing mode.

  1. After installing, you’ll find a new Wacom STU Display applet in your Windows Control Panel. Click the tab matching your model number to configure options for the slideshow.

  2. Using File Explorer, add/remove pictures from C:\Users\Public\Pictures\Wacom STU Display\STU530 or C:\Users\Public\Pictures\Wacom STU Display\STU540 depending on the model of your STU.

Technical support for this application is not provided by REV23.


The ePad-ink is deprecated in REV23 Desktop and no longer supported. This section exists only for previous versions. Users should not acquire an ePad-ink as a new device or replacement for an old device.

Universal Installer

For REV23 Desktop to recognize the ePad-ink the Universal Driver must be installed on the system.