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Quick Start Vol 2: Referral program

Business at Gotham City Tattoo & Piercing hasn’t quite picked up as planned. As it turns out, many of Gotham City’s citizens are reluctant to be tattooed and pierced by former super villains. Harley decides it’s a good time to implement a street team and will set up the referral program in REV23 Desktop. Clients will receive a $5.00 credit for each new customer that comes in that was referred by them.

You will need to be logged on as the Administrator or a Manager to proceed with this topic.

  1. Navigate to Configuration > My Studio.

  2. Click the Options tab, then click the Referral Program tab.

  3. Change the Referral Credit Mode editor to Per customer, and set the Referral Credit Amount editor to $5.00.

  4. Click the Save & Close action on the ribbon.

Testing the results

  1. Now let’s set it in action. Create a new customer and in the Customer Detail View set the Referred By editor to the customer that referred them, then Save & Close the Customer Detail View.

Note: This only works if the customer is new and the referred by property has been set before you save the customer. You cannot retroactively go set this property to begin accumulating referral credits. This is a security feature, so if you’re doing a referral program, ensure that you always ask this before saving the new customer.

  1. Open the Customer Detail View of the customer that referred this new customer and click the Deposits & Credits tab.

The referring customer now has a $5.00 in-store credit that they can use. This plan is sure to start bringing some new customers in!