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Inventory Catalog

The Inventory Item List View actually has three view variants. The Catalog View, Uncategorized View, and the Inventory View. These are accessible from the view selector in the Home Tab of the ribbon. The catalog view is where we’ll begin, as it is the default view, and most useful for adding new items.

On the left hand side of the inventory item list view you’ll see a list of your inventory categories. Much like folders on your PC, you can click through each category to see the inventory items available in it. When you click the New action to create a new inventory item, it will automatically set the category of the new item to the currently selected category.

The catalog is the highest level view of your inventory. You could almost think of this list as being a master list for every tattoo studio in the world, just reduced to the things you actually want to see in your studios. So the item properties here only describe the item itself. There are no specifics here of how the item is used or sold in your studio(s).