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Walk-in Queue

The Walk-in Queue is a feature intended for shops with medium to high volume to help you manage customers currently in your studio waiting for walk-in availability. If you customer has left the building while waiting you can send them a text message page to summon them back to your studio. When ready to perform the service you can start a Service record directly from the queue to copy all relevant details and remove the item from the queue.

If your studio does not need the benefits of the Walk-in Queue, you can disable it in Configuration: My Studio: Options.

Adding customers to the walk-in queue

You can create a new walk-in by either:

  • Clicking the New Walk-in (Queued) action from the Today Dashboard.
  • Clicking the New action in the Walk-in Queue List View.

At a minimum, a Customer and Service Type are required, however you can fill out as much information as you’d like including Placement Area and Design Description. Any information you add here will be copied to the Service once its started.

Managing the queue

Paging a customer

If the customer has a mobile phone number specified, you can page them (send a text message) when you’re ready for them to return to the studio by clicking the Page Customer action.

You can customize the content of the text message in Configuration: Custom Texts using key names SERVICEQUEUE_PAGE_SMS_TEXT and SERVICEQUEUE_PAGE_SMS_SUBJECT.

Removing a customer from the queue

If the customer does not return or has decided to leave without getting a service, you can click the Changed Mind action to remove the item from the queue.

Starting a Service

When you’re ready to perform the service, click the Start Service action to copy all relevant information from the queue to a new service record.