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Appointments are scheduled blocks of time for an artist. They can represent an appointment for a service with a customer, such as a tattoo, or can be more generic.

Find an Opening

Use the Find an Opening action to open the Free Time Calculator. Here you can search for the duration as well as other useful criteria to find the next available opening for a specific artist or anyone that has time.

After searching, if a time block is located matching the criteria you can chose to book the appointment, or find the next one based on the customer’s schedule.

To work properly you must set business hours for the studio as well as your artist’s schedule.

All day appointments (appointments with the all day checkbox checked) will block out the entire day. This includes holidays or sometimes users will create an all day appointment indicating “don’t book this day” or something similar. If an all day appointment exists, the Find an Opening tool will not find available time on that day.