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Service Categories

Service categories are like folders that you can use to sort your service types. You can create or edit service categories as needed. You can have a hierarchy of categories, meaning a parent category having one or more children subcategories, to efficiently organize your service types making things as easy to find as you’d wish.

Service Category Properties

Name: The name of the category. The name is required.

Parent Category: The parent category. If a parent is specified, this category will be a subcategory of the parent. If no parent is specified, this category will be a root category.

When creating a new Service Category from the Service Categories List View, if a node is selected at the time you click the New action, it will default the parent category to that value. If you wish to create a root category, clear this value by clicking the X button on the editor.

Default Service Department: If specified, any service types that are created in this category will have their department set to this value by default.