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Quick Start Vol 2: Sell a gift card

Our good friend Commissioner Gordon has popped in again. It’s a good thing we’re on his regular jogging route! His daughter, Barbara Gordon, has a birthday coming up. He overheard her talking with her friends about replacing her old naval ring with a some higher quality jewelry, and he’d like to purchase a Gotham City Tattoo & Piercing Gift Card for her as a gift.

Note: REV23 Desktop compatible gift cards are required for this process. Find out more in the Gift Cards topic.

  1. From the Today Dashboard create a new sale by using the New Sale action on the ribbon.

  2. Select the customer purchasing the gift card in the Customer editor.

    Hint: For some sales, you don’t always need to know the customer. For this purpose, you can use the Default Customer button, which located in on the right hand side of the Customer editor. This will assign the default customer which is basically a walk-in customer. For something like a gift card sale, this is completely up to you.

  3. Click the Add Gift Card action and swipe a fresh gift card to open a new Gift Card Detail View.

    Hint: If you do not yet have REV23 Desktop compatible gift cards or hardware, when REV23 Desktop is waiting for you to to swipe the gift card, press the letter ‘G’ on your keyboard to use demo data, which demonstrates a compatible pre-loaded card being swiped. You can also use the number 6023456789012345. DO NOT SELL THE DEMO GIFT CARD TO A REAL CUSTOMER. THE DEMO CARD IS FOR TEST PURPOSES ONLY.

  4. Set the Amount editor to the desired amount and click OK. You can order pre-denominated gift cards that have this amount already specified in the magnetic stripe. If you’ve used the demo data, this value is already set. Notice the Is Active checkbox editor is unchecked. As of right now, the gift card is not yet activated for use. You can leave this unchecked and REV23 Desktop will activate it once it has been paid for.

  5. This is now just a standard sale that needs paid for. You can add additional gift cards, items, services, etc… and use the Take Payment action when you’re ready to pay.

  6. After you’ve completed the sale, navigate to Home -> Gift Cards to see the gift card is now active.

When the customer pays with a gift card, simply use the Take payment action as you normally would. In the Payment Type editor, use the Swipe Card button and swipe the gift card just as you would a credit card.