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SMS Gateways

SMS (Short Message Service) Gateways are the Mobile Provider Gateways that REV23 Desktop uses to send text messages. In order to keep text message features free, REV23 Desktop sends an email to the mobile phone number via the gateway. This is actually very simple and can be done from any email client. For example, to send a text message to the number 555-555-5555 on the AT&T network, REV23 Desktop sends an email to

Most SMS Gateways come built-in, however if you find some are missing you can search for gateway for the provider you want to add and create it here. If you find an SMS Gateway not included with REV23 Desktop and are able to find the correct gateway settings please email support at so we can add it in a future update for other users.

SMS Gateway Properties

Name: The name of the SMS Gateway. The name is required and must be unique.

Gateway: The DNS address of the SMS Gateway.

Is Visible: If checked, the SMS Gateway will be visible in the list when selecting a customer’s mobile provider.