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Service Follow-ups

The Virtual Receptionist is capable of sending service follow up email and text message to your customers a set amount of time after their service has been completed, for example, 14 days later.

Virtual Receptionist Configuration

The Virtual Receptionist must be configured to send emails using your email account for follow-up messages to be sent and the Virtual Receptionist Service must be running.

Enable/Disable Service Follow-up

You can enable/disable this feature entirely or select to send only emails or only text messages.

  1. Navigate to Configuration > Virtual Receptionist.
  2. There are two workflows that send follow-up messages:
    • Send service follow up email to customer
    • Send service follow up text message to customer
  3. Click the Activate or Deactivate actions to enable/disable the desired workflow(s).

Customize The Follow-up Time

Each service type can be configured to send a follow-up text/email as well as the amount of days after the service has ended.

  1. Navigate to Configuration > Service Types.
  2. Select the desired service type.
  3. Set the Follow-up Days property to the desired amount of time after a service ends before sending the follow-up.
  4. Check the Send Text/Email Follow-up.

Customizing Service Follow-up Message

  1. Navigate to Configuration > Templates.
  2. Select the Follow up email template with key name REV23_FOLLOW_UP_EMAIL.
  3. Click the Clone action to create your own copy.
  4. Click the Show Template Designer action.
  5. Make your desired changes in the Template Designer and save.
  6. Repeat steps 2-5 with the built-in template with key name REV23_FOLLOW_UP_SMS to edited the Follow up text message template.
  7. Navigate to Configuration > Virtual Receptionist Options.
  8. Click the Service Follow Up Options tab.
  9. Set the Service Follow Up Email Template and/or the Service Follow Up Text Message Template properties to your new template(s).
  10. Click the Save & Close action to save the Virtual Receptionist Options.

Customize the Follow Up Email and Text Message Subjects

You can customize the subject of the email and text that is sent in Configuration > Custom Texts by modifying the custom texts with key names WORKFLOW_SERVICE_FOLLOW_UP_EMAIL_SUBJECT and WORKFLOW_SERVICE_FOLLOW_UP_SMS_SUBJECT.


See Troubleshooting: Virtual Receptionist