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Welcome to REV23 Desktop

Congratulations! You’re about to begin learning how to use REV23 Desktop! Whether you’re evaluating REV23 Desktop or have already made up your mind and signed up, I’m happy you’re here with us.

You’re on the road to implementing a level of automation in your tattoo and/or body piercing business that you’ve never dreamed was possible. Keep in mind that to accomplish this level of automation, setup is required and in some cases this can be time consuming to get right. Getting up and running with REV23 Desktop is not as effortless as installing software such as iTunes or Instagram. Figuring it out by just poking around isn’t going to happen. Sure you could get close and find a flow that works for you, but you’d miss a lot. Time and thought as well as dedication need to go into configuring the elements of REV23 Desktop in order to get the most out of it. You will not be sorry that you’ve taken the time to configure the software and begin experiencing a truly automated shop! If you’re unwilling to make this commitment then turn back now. I don’t want you to be dissatisfied with your decision and would rather have you using another product than be unhappy with us.

To be as successful as possible with REV23 Desktop, I recommend reading this user guide before you even install the software. Okay, stop laughing and/or groaning. Seriously, this is the best way to see what REV23 Desktop has to offer, and more importantly, it will get you to start thinking about how REV23 Desktop will fit in your business. This way, you have a general idea of how you will want to configure things to best suit your needs and have a good understanding of where you’re going when you get into the software for the first time.

Next, I recommend keeping an open mind about how you run your business as you go through this user guide. Professional tattooing in the United States dates back to 1846. As time has passed, business practices have evolved. For some of you, this may be your first time going from the traditional pen and paper bookkeeping to a software product like REV23 Desktop. Or perhaps you’ve decided to switch to REV23 Desktop from another product that didn’t quite suit your needs. In either case, REV23 Desktop has been designed for what we believe are the best practices in this industry, gathered from the collective knowledge of our many users and our own usage. This may not naturally fit into how you do things. This doesn’t mean you’re wrong. Maybe you’re a trend setter. Perhaps what you’re doing is genius. If that’s the case, we’d love to hear about it and see how we can support it. But perhaps you’re using methods that have created complexities for you that are unnecessary. So, if you don’t see how your process can fit in, think about that process, why it’s necessary for you and see if the REV23 Desktop way makes a little more sense to implement.

If you are stuck somewhere, send us an email at and we’ll be happy to help.

Good luck and please let us know what you think. REV23 Desktop has evolved because of users like you.


Nate Laff - Founder & Developer of REV23

Nate Laff
Founder & Developer of REV23