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How to: Reset user interface to defaults

The user interface of REV23 Desktop is very customizable. These changes are stored per user as User Settings. Sometimes, a user will perform a customization either on purpose or by mistake, and they’re not quite sure what they just did, or know how to undo the change. In these cases, sometimes its easier to just reset the interface back to REV23 defaults.

Depending on whether you want to reset the Administrator user settings or another user there are different steps.

To reset the Administrator User Settings

  1. From the Main Window click the Tools tab on the Ribbon.
  2. Click the Model Editor action. The Model Editor window will appear.
  3. On the left hand pane, you will see a root (top) node titled REV23 Desktop. Right click it and select “Reset Differences” from the menu. Click Yes to the resulting prompt.
  4. Save the Model using the Save button.
  5. Close the Model Editor.

Your Administrator User Settings are now reset to default.

If you are assigned to a role which allows access to the Model Editor (the Can Edit Model permission) you may also use this method to reset your own user settings.

To reset other User Settings

  1. Log on as Administrator.
  2. Go to the Security > User Settings.
  3. Find the user whose settings you need to reset and delete the record (You’re deleting the users settings only, not their user account.)
  4. Log off as Administrator.
  5. Log on as the desired user.

The user’s User Settings are now reset to default.