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Remote Connections

In order for you to connect to your REV23 Desktop database from an add-on PC while you’re outside of the network that database exists on, you will need to also configure remote connections.

By enabling Enhanced Connections you’ve done most of the heavy lifting. The remaining process must happen on your router where the main PC is located (most commonly, at your studio).

REV23 can configure this for you as a paid service by clicking here, or you can use the guidance below.

  • Your Main PC should have either a static IP address, or, reserve its DHCP address in your router’s settings.

  • Ensure the network type in Windows settings is set to Private.

  • From your router, create one port forwarding rule to your main PC.

    Rule Name Port Protocol
    SQL Server (REV23) 1533 TCP
  • On your add-on PC, the hostname is your public IP address, followed by a comma, then port 1533. For example, “,1533” You can check your public IP at

  • It is recommended you either have a static IP address from your ISP, or, create a dynamic DNS hostname (i.e., Most routers have support for these third party services (extra fees may apply), to keep your public IP address changes. In this case, you will use your hostname, followed by a comma, then port 1533. For example,,1533