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Users represent the workers in your studio, each with their own account and security permissions.

Currently, The vernacular used to describe a user in REV23 Desktop is “Employee” Though, we’re planning on renaming this to ‘User’ in a future version. Be it a W2 employee, 1099’d contractor, a guest artist, or your accountant, this was what we decided to name them, there is no relevance to their actual employment status with your business.

It is recommended that an employee record be created for each worker in your studio. Whether an owner, manager, tattoo artist, piercer or front desk. In order for an employee to actually log on to REV23 Desktop, they will need to be assigned at least one role. Users without a role do not appear on the log on screen. Some studios only allow specific people to log on to the system such as managers and receptionists. In those cases they go with the “no touching!” policy for tattoo artists. In this case, since the artists have no need to log on, they just be not assigned to a role and they won’t show up on the log on screen.

Along with the employee’s profile, several options exist on the employee record such as requiring them to clock-in/clock-out, their hourly rate, and retail and deposit commission percentages. What about tattoo and piercing commissions you say? Don’t worry, those come in the form of Employee Service Types.